Tax Legal Assistance and Representation of Non-Residents before the different State Tax Agencies, Regional or Local

As part of Balms Group International, FERS S.L. is a Tax Representation company, with more than 20 years of experience in assisting foreign investors in Spain.

Our services include comprehensive and personalized advice to non-resident individuals in Spain, tax calculation, tax representation before the tax authorities of Spain, reports on changes and obligations affecting non-residents, processing of mandatory taxes for non-residents, sales advice and calculation and tax payment on the capital increase as well as request and refund of 3% retention.

Once a house is purchased in Spain, and after payment of all taxes inherent in the purchase of the property, the mere fact of owning a home in Spain implies the obligation to pay certain taxes that must be paid annually. In Spain, the taxes that accrue ownership of a property are payable to the City Council and the Tax Agency.

CITY COUNCIL: We recommend our clients to pay by direct debit in their account.

TAX AGENCY: These taxes are paid to the central government and have to be calculated annually.