Tax Management, Collection, Sanctioning and Review Procedures

As described by the Tax Agency itself, the main purpose of the verification will be the acts, elements and valuations recorded by taxpayers in their declarations. The purpose of the investigation will be to discover the existence, where appropriate, of facts with tax relevance not declared or incorrectly declared by taxpayers.

From FERS, the representation on behalf of the client or its company is carried out for inspection procedures whose purpose is to verify and investigate the adequate compliance with tax obligations and it will proceed, as appropriate, to the regularization of the tax situation. Meetings with the different inspectors are held to review the documentation that has been provided and negotiate in any case the best solution, always in favor of our clients.

Equally, the highly qualified professionals who are part of the FERS department are responsible, among other functions, for dealing with all administrative actions in any of its modalities: requirements, liquidations, sanctions, constraints, embargoes, etc., using the tools established by the law itself and, ultimately, interposing the relevant appeals and claims.

Within the tax management procedures, our team is specialized in: preparing and processing declarations, self-assessments and other documents with tax implications, complying with the limited verification procedures initiated by the Tax Agency for the request of VAT refunds or other taxes, or Derived from mere verification and verification actions.