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Fers · Fiscal & Accounting Consultancy

Tax and Accounting Advisory


Claim the return of undue income on your tax return for the maternity benefit

According to the ruling of the Supreme Court, it is established that public maternity benefits, including those received from the National Social Security Institute, are exempt from taxation on Personal Income Tax.


Fers · Asesoría fiscal y contable

It is difficult to understand the world of business and investment, both individuals and businesses, without a previous study of tax law and advice on fiscal and tax matters in general. With this aim, Fers SL was created in 1991, a department of fiscal and accounting law that offers an integral service and advice to its clients, offering them an integral tax planning, analyzing the particular fiscal obligations of each person and / or activity, helping them in their daily operations of organization and facilitating the presentation of taxes, accounting and administrative management, complemented with specialized advice in tax and tax matters.

Fers S.L. offers the following services:

  • Tax and accounting consultancy to individuals and legal entities
  • Fiscal and accountancy consultancy for companies
  • Representation of foreign entities in Spain
  • Declaration of tax obligations of individuals and legal entities
  • Corporation and Value Added Taxes
  • Income Tax deduction forms
  • Statements of income and assets of non-resident individuals

  • Tax planning for companies and individuals
  • Advice on business restructuring processes
  • Real estate taxation
  • Advice on succession planning
  • Resources and administrative procedures before the Tax Agency
  • Preparation and legalization of accounting books and annual accounts
  • Actions against banks, Notaries, Property and Commercial Registry and other public bodies