Analysis of fiscal situations “Due Diligence” in procedures for the acquisition of companies or firms. Advice and support in negotiations and supervision structure

If your intention is to acquire or sell a company with an activity, the first step to get the most reliable information that will help you make the right decision is to commission a DUE DILIGENCE that consists of verifying the fiscal, accounting and legal situation of the company, detecting possible contingencies or risks that may arise due to the development of the activity. The aim is to establish the real value of the business for its purchase or sale, so that the acquirer is clear about what to buy and what is the real economic and financial situation of the business, in addition to greatly reducing the risk of the company's purchase transaction, and provides the buyer with an independent, objective, and detailed assessment of the business, especially reviewing the existence of hidden liabilities or contingencies in each and every one of the areas subject to the review.

Our highly qualified team will carry out, in collaboration with the departments of Procedural Law and Labour Law of the firm, the study on the following aspects:

  1. The background of the transaction
  2. The business overview
  3. The Organization of the company
  4. Business Analysis
  5. Financial Analysis of the Company
  6. Information and Control Systems
  7. Tax Contingencies
  8. Environmental Contingencies
  9. Risk Management and Insurance
  10. Legal Contingencies
  11. Labour contingencies

The current trend is to focus on specific and well-defined aspects, and not to carry out an "integral" Due Diligence. Therefore, it is very common to perform, for example, a Fiscal Due Diligence, and a Labour Due Diligence to emerge possible tax and labour contingencies without going to conduct a comprehensive character.